Chiropractor Jeffersonville Indiana

Chiropractor Jeffersonville Indiana
Throughout the years I have relied on Dr. Webb and his staff for fast effective relief of a variety of painful conditions.  I have had injuries from a snow skiing accident and a motor vehicle accident, not to mention normal aches and pains.  I have always found the help I need to carry on and keep going.

Dr. Webb keeps me on the move.  I own my own contracting company and do allot of physical work and heavy lifting.  I have literally came in his office too painful to stand straight and left a short time later walking straight upright and pain free without drugs.

I was a patient of Dr. Webb's long before I  became an employee in 2006.  His chiropractic care  has changed the quality of my life and I knew that I would enjoy helping others find the same relief.  As a Chiropractic Assistant I assist Dr. Webb with patient care and office management.  I am originally from Peoria, Illinois.  My husband and I moved here 24 years ago.  We have one son David, who is currently in the Army Reserves.
Susan Fidler